Unilabs Bioanalytical Solutions can provide a full metabolite characterisation service from early discovery in vitro experiments to late development radiolabelled studies.

We provide both data and knowledge to clarify key biotransformation issues in order to impact chemical design, compound selection, drug development strategies and regulatory submissions:

  • Metabolic clearance and enzymology
  • Sites of metabolic vulnerability
  • Bioactivation
  • Pharmacologically active metabolites
  • Metabolite safety, including MIST

Using state-of-the-art instrumentation, including Waters Vion IMS QTof, Thermo LTQ Orbitrap and Waters Q-ToF mass spectrometers, Waters Acquity and Agilent 1290 high-resolution LC systems, Wallac Guardian LSC, Wallac Microbeta plate counter, Lablogic ß-RAM  radio-detectors, and Exploris 120 High-Resolution Mass Spectrometers.

We undertake the following services to support discovery and development programs:

  • In vitro incubations, including microsomes, cytosol, S9 fractions and hepatocytes in multiple species
  • Metabolite profiling of in vitro and in vivo samples using LC-MS
  • Metabolite identification using LC-HRMS, chemical derivatisation and NMR
  • Quantitative analysis of parent compound and metabolites using LC-MS/MS, NMR, UV and radiochemical detection
  • Metabolite generation and isolation to provide samples for structural elucidation, pharmacology testing or to act as authentic standards
  • Biotransformation, ADME and MIST consultancy

With this array of services, we provide high quality data and expert guidance for the full range of metabolism studies:

  • Early discovery in vitro experiments to impact chemical design
  • Discovery in vivo and in vitro studies to support compound nomination
  • Early development studies to elucidate human clearance and support MIST
  • Definitive radiolabelled studies to provide comprehensive metabolism data

Our in-house expertise and experience, together with our diverse range of state-of-the-art instrumentation, provide unparalleled support for discovery and development projects within the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology sector.

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