Quantification of FE 202767, a Small Therapeutic Peptide in Milk Sample from Rat, Rabbit and Humans at Low pg/ml Levels Using 2D–column Switching LC-MS/MS
Published: 20 November 2013
Andrea Watson, Anna-Karin Wendel, Carina Holmqvist, Anna Sterup & Magnus Knutsson
Joint Poster Presentation with Ferring Pharmaceuticals at EBF Open Symposium, Barcelona

FE 202767 is a therapeutic peptide for treatment within the field of reproductive health.  For this therapeutic peptide, bioanalytical support was needed for non-clinical/clinical milk transfer studies.  The neutral peptide is a selective oxytocin receptor agonist (~1040 amu) that is uncharged.

This poster presents the approach to quantification of the peptide in milk from rat, rabbit and humans.  Preclinical methods were developed at Unilabs YBS followed by the development of the clinical method at Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S.